Leo Love Horoscope


June 2024 - Your social media game is on point during the sun-Venus conjunction in quick-witted Gemini on June 4. Posting, commenting on, and sending DMs all result in positive interactions. The probability that you’ll meet your next lover or partner online is extremely high.

On the nineteenth, dedicated asteroid Vesta moves into your sign and has you wanting to be the center of someone’s world. What else is new, right?! But this energy is actually a little different. You can be as flirty as the next person, but you want more than that now. You really want a feeling of stability and monogamy during this cosmic pairing, and luckily for you, you usually get what you want.

As the sun, your strong leader, moves into water sign Cancer on June 20, your emotions and intuition unite, creating some very intense moods. You get overwhelming feelings for someone one minute and then are totally into someone else the next. Dramatic much?! Yes, Leo, you love to create a scene, but you’re worth it to the right person. A strong Scorpio is a good match for you now.

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