Aquarius Love Horoscope


June 2024 - When a diverse Gemini new moon lights up your romance zone on June 6, you have some amazing opportunities to have a great time with a bunch of different people! If you have a usual “type,” Aquarius, forget about that. This is one time when you should be completely open to new people even if they don’t have the traits that you typically go for.

You usually like to stay pretty reserved and aloof, at least until you get to know someone really well, so it’s a surprise when you want to get close to someone quickly when Venus pairs up with Cancer on the sixteenth. This is a very emotional planetary pairing, though, so you won’t really be able to control what your heart wants.

On June 29, a Mercury-Uranus sextile appears in time to help you end the month on a newly evolved level. There are important lessons to learn and ideas to embrace regarding love, so there’s no need to pretend you already know it all. An eye-opening experience during this aspect could change your outlook forever.

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