Virgo Love Horoscope


June 2024 - You’re ruled by fast-thinking Mercury, and when this planet partners with clever Gemini, the other sign it rules, on June 3, things move quickly. A romantic situation that has been stalled lately suddenly picks up speed again, and you’re left wondering WTF happened. Don’t spend too much time overthinking it, Virgo. If you’re still interested, go for it.

You’re able to tap into your intuition to figure out if someone is as interested as you are in them when the sun moves into psychic Cancer on the twentieth, so don’t be afraid to follow your feelings. It’s not that you’re suddenly a mind reader and know the future, but chemistry says a lot. You know when someone’s into you.

On June 29, a Mercury-Uranus sextile provides some exciting energy that has you feeling on edge but also like something surprising might happen. Being nervous isn’t always a bad thing. Meeting someone who takes you out of your head and gets you to see things from an unfamiliar perspective is good for you. And if they also have romantic potential, it’s a win/win.

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