Dog Chinese Horoscope


June 2024

The month of June brings Dog natives the I Ching hexagram of water over fire (64). 

Dog, you’re in the final stages of an important endeavor. You might feel inclined to rush ahead, but this is when you should wait until the timing is right. Make sure all your plans for completion are ready. Be attentive to the signs (which you’re good at) and stay focused in a world of distractions. You are poised for success.

On Thursday, June 6, there is a new moon. Dog, you might spend more time with children and younger relatives now. Family members could be visiting from out of town for a special celebration. It’s possible that one of your children is bringing home a new partner or is due to have a baby. You could also meet the friends of your children at this time.

The full moon is on Friday, June 21. Dog, you will need to speak up now to get your due. In an opposition year, as the Dragon year is for you, you can sometimes be ignored, especially in social situations. Instead of feeling slighted because you didn’t get an invitation, first make sure that your invitation wasn’t lost in the mail. A quick phone call can solve a lot of problems.

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