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You’re Making Dreams a Reality

In 2024, there is good news and there are some challenges for you. You might feel at times that there is less support than you’ve had in previous years, but this is a reminder to knock on more than one door. You have strong abilities this year to connect with people who are very much like you, kind of like spiritual twins. You’re likely to meet a lot of new people this year. In the year of the wood Dragon, there are good career opportunities that are worthy of your talents and abilities, but they won’t be handed to you. Dog, you’ll need to focus on your goals this year.

This year, you are in the seventh year of your twelve-year cycle and the first year of harvest. If you think of the twelve-year cycle like a year on the farm, this is the beginning of autumn when you’re starting to see the fruits of your labors. Now you must go about collecting the harvest as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can find job opportunities that fit your qualifications as well as your aspirations. And you’re able to meet high-caliber people who can help you cultivate the best in yourself.

This year, your luck falls in the area of foundations. You are able to draw on experiences from the past to help you now. The skills that you have developed are in demand now, and you’re ready to meet the opportunities and challenges that are around you. Dog, you are able to build something now because of the good relationships you’ve forged with family and friends and the long list of useful skills you’ve been working on.

Your challenge during the year of the wood Dragon concerns finances. If you’ve been lackadaisical about keeping track of your money, benefits will come now when you put everything into a spreadsheet or a system to track income and expenses. As you focus on your money, it expands. Make an effort and you can find additional income sources or solid investments.

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