Dog chinese Horoscope


This Week

This week, you receive positive energy.

Monday, February 19, is the Yin water Ox day. Dog, you are loyal and true. Your family counts on you and knows that you’ll be there when they call. Today, you might be appreciated for how much you serve and take care of your relatives. Someone close to you could reveal their heartfelt feelings for you.

The Yin wood Rabbit day is Wednesday, February 21. Dog, a work project might require some close analysis before you submit it. It might not be quite ready to show to your supervisor, but it could take reviewing it a couple times before you find what isn’t quite right. Don’t rush to turn in materials or submit an application. You’ll be better off if you check things twice.

The week comes to an end on Saturday, February 24, with the Yang earth Horse day. It is also the full moon. Dog, you could receive a spiritual message. You might read it in a book of philosophy or a sacred text. And this message could resonate with you in this moment. It’s like an answer to a prayer or a question you’ve posed to the Universe.

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