Sagittarius career Horoscope


February 2024 - This month, you’re getting some help.

There is a new moon in Aquarius on February 9. Sagittarius, your life might be so filled with activities and interests that it’s hard to do any work. This is a good time to think about hiring an assistant. You might be able to streamline your process and save hours each week.

Mars conjoins Pluto in Aquarius on the thirteenth. A change in your thinking could have a profound effect on your career. You might have more confidence now and be ready for a bigger playing field. You also could meet some people who want to pull you up into the big leagues.

On February 24, there is a full moon in Virgo. Sagittarius, you are very noticeable at this time. It is possible that you receive some recognition from your supervisor or upper management. If you own a business, there might be some positive publicity now.

Mars in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Taurus on the twenty-seventh. Sagittarius, your workload is pretty intense now. It’s possible that the office is shorthanded or your business has increased. At the same time, it’s likely you’re making more money now, so you might be okay with the trade-off.

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