Scorpio Career Horoscope


May 2024 - This month, you are reconsidering an option.

On May 2, Pluto in Aquarius goes retrograde. Scorpio, you might be reconsidering a career change. You could be looking at something completely different. You might be weighing the idea of going back to school or enrolling in some vocational training.

Saturn in Pisces makes a semisquare to Pluto in Aquarius on the sixth. Scorpio, you might be trying once again to get your family to stay on budget or sign up for a good savings plan. And while this is an irritating process, you might be able to win a victory at this time.

There is a new moon in Taurus on May 7. A person steps up to help you in your job. They might agree to mentor you or collaborate with you. This could bring you some free publicity for your business or open some doors in your career.

On the twenty-third, there’s a full moon in Sagittarius and Venus enters the sign of Gemini. Scorpio, you might be looking at hiring a personal assistant or someone to help you get organized. You’re weighing the hours you might save versus the money you’d have to spend to see if the equation works.

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