Capricorn career Horoscope


February 2024 - This month, more money is flowing in.

There is a new moon in Aquarius on February 9. Capricorn, it’s likely you’re heading in the right direction financially. You might be taking better care of your money, watching your spending, and finding good investments. More revenue could be flowing in. Your hard work is starting to pay off.

Mars conjoins Pluto in Aquarius on the thirteenth. You might be very excited about investing right now, but that doesn’t give you the green light to do things cavalierly. Use your usual practical and pragmatic approach when you’re considering investments.

On February 24, there is a full moon in Virgo. Capricorn, you might get a new certification or some sort of government stamp of approval. This could be a boost for your business or career. You also could interview for a job and get an offer.

Mars in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Taurus on the twenty-seventh. A creative idea of yours could pay you money. This might be a product you marketed or something digital that you’re doing. You could come up with the next big thing, so make sure you write down your ideas now.

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