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This Week

This week, you gain a new skill.

The week begins on Sunday, June 23, with the Yang earth Horse day. Pig, it’s time for quiet some introspection. Contemplating your life can bring spiritual insights. You might consider engaging in soulful pursuits like journaling, communing with nature, and meditating to peaceful music. Approach this time with compassion for yourself and forgiveness in your heart and healing energy will come to you.

The Yin metal Rooster day is Wednesday, June 26. Pig, you’ve been very busy, possibly with work and social engagements, but now it’s time to pull back and rest for a bit. This is especially true if the group dynamic has been a little overdramatic lately. Allow others to settle their differences without you in the middle. Step back and see if things take care of themselves.

Friday, June 28, is the Yin water Pig day. Pig, it’s time to celebrate your recent triumphs. You push and you work and you push even more. Now it’s time to pause and see how far you’ve come. Share your victories with others and you’ll receive well-deserved accolades and applause, especially from your circle of friends.

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