Pig chinese Horoscope


February 2024

The month of February brings Pig natives the I Ching hexagram of thunder under thunder (51).

This month, an unexpected turn of events could end up more positive than it first appeared. In hindsight, you’ll see how things came together to help you. For now, though, expect the unexpected. The event might not be what you asked for, but the results are likely in line with your goals.

There is a new moon on Friday, February 9. This begins the year of the wood Dragon. Pig, you could be tapped for a higher position at work. This might mean more responsibilities and an opportunity to show your talents. If you’re looking for a job, you could receive an offer at a prestigious firm with a lot of growth potential.

On Saturday, February 24, there is a full moon. Pig, you are the life of the party. You might receive more invitations than usual. You could have friends in town, or you could be visiting relatives you haven’t seen in a while. People might be going in and out, staying for a meal or the night and then moving on, only to be replaced by the next group of people. This could be a happy time for you.

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