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February 2024 - Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into Aquarius on February 4, offering us a chance to examine things from a different perspective and gain a broader understanding. The new moon in Aquarius on the ninth brings innovative ideas that will help us progress. Mars joins Aquarius on February 12, offering us new ways to express our sensual desires and a chance to cool down before acting aggressively. On Valentine’s Day, Mars and Pluto are united in Aquarius, creating intense energy and a need for control, best kept in the bedroom. Finally, Venus enters Aquarius on the sixteenth, allowing us to express our romantic desires more lightly and focus on building relationships.

On February 18, the sun enters the sign of Pisces, allowing us to embrace our artistic endeavors, creativity, and imagination. This is a time in which we will allow our fantasies to take flight, and intuition will blossom and grow as we develop our sentiments and emotional responses.

On the nineteenth, healing centaur Chiron will align with the North Node of Destiny in Aries. This alignment offers an opportunity to heal our wounds and release any lingering pain. It’s a chance to temper our emotions and gain some clarity. We might even find that our words of wisdom can inspire others to take steps toward their own healing journey.

Mercury swims into Pisces on February 22, allowing us to use our words based on our emotions. We might find that it’s hard to express our exact sentiments, which is why we will want to communicate with others on a nonverbal level. The caveat is that it could be hard for others to understand what we are saying, as we want to communicate nonverbally and intuitively, allow ourselves to be heard, and speak up to have others embrace and understand what’s on our minds.

The full moon in Virgo on the twenty-fourth allows us to be more analytical and strategic about what we want to let go of. Since Mercury will affect the full moon, we might decide to let our feelings be known as a way to heal and move.
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