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This Week

This week, you handle things with ease.

The week begins on Sunday, June 16, with the Yin metal Pig day. Rat, your urge to nest in the comforts of your home really tugs at you today. It’s okay to embrace this occasional desire to indulge in a day dedicated to self-nurturing and solitude. You are likely to find inspiration from your guides and angels.

The Yang wood Tiger day is Wednesday, June 19. Rat, if you need a pep talk today, you could find some truly motivating words through someone you know or someone you admire online. Your ears are open, and you could hear exactly the right sentence that reframes your thinking. Your experience and skills are like a pile of kindling, and these words are the spark that sets it ablaze.

Friday, June 21, is the Yang fire Dragon day. It is also the full moon. Rat, you might be very interested in a new hobby. Or a book you’ve read fires your imagination, and perhaps you want to write books or screenplays in that genre. You might try a new recipe and then want to delve further into that type of cuisine. Try to infuse your day with fresh experiences.

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