Dragon chinese Horoscope


February 2024

The month of February brings Dragon natives the I Ching hexagram of wind over earth (20).

This month, you’re aware that there are times for action and times for contemplation. Now is a time to pause. Allow things to change around you. See what your past actions have brought you and how others react to what you’ve already done. After this pause, you will see a clear way forward.

There is a new moon on Friday, February 9. This begins the year of the wood Dragon. Dragon, a creative project could get much bigger than you were expecting. It’s possible that someone wants to sponsor your project and show it to the world. Or you might get a very good response when you preview it on social media. Consider gathering friends to help you with this substantial opportunity.

On Saturday, February 24, there is a full moon. Dragon, it’s time for some relaxation. It’s likely you need to switch off or at least dial things back for a little while. It’s good to be quiet now and do some planning for the future. This might mean that you’re going to say no to an invitation just so you can have some alone time. Now you’re finding your peaceful center.

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