Yin Yang Tarot Reading

When your life gets out of whack, your Yin Yang Tarot can help. By revealing your current Yin-Yang imbalances, this Tarot reading advises how to get back on track regarding your main area of disharmony.

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Yin Yang Tarot Reading: Balance and Harmony in Your Life

The Yin Yang Tarot Reading is a powerful tool that can help you achieve balance and harmony in your life. It is based on the principles of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, which are complementary and opposing forces that are present in everything in the universe. The Yin Yang Tarot Reading uses the Tarot cards to help you understand and balance these forces in your life.

The Tarot is a deck of cards that has been used for divination and spiritual guidance for centuries. Each card has a specific meaning and can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context of the reading. In a Yin Yang Tarot Reading, the Tarot cards are used to help you identify areas of imbalance in your life and provide guidance on how to achieve harmony.

The Yin Yang Tarot Reading begins by asking you to focus on a specific question or issue in your life that you would like guidance on. The Tarot cards are then shuffled and laid out in a specific pattern, each card representing a different aspect of your life.

The first card represents the Yin energy in your life. Yin energy is passive, receptive, and intuitive. It is associated with qualities such as calmness, introspection, and intuition. The second card represents the Yang energy in your life. Yang energy is active, assertive, and logical. It is associated with qualities such as courage, confidence,

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