Tiger Chinese Horoscope


This Week

This week, you have the spirit of wildfire.

The week begins on Sunday, July 21, with the Yang fire Dog day. It is also the full moon. Tiger, there’s a noticeable shift in your demeanor, making you seem more courageous and charismatic than usual (which is saying something). You might have an opportunity to do some public speaking or lead a group. Right now, you’re putting yourself out there in the world and can forge new connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The Yin earth Ox day is Wednesday, July 24. It’s time to embrace a moment of indulgence with a self-care practice like massage or a spa treatment. This is especially true if you’re recuperating from a sports-related injury or you’ve been overdoing it lately. Prioritizing your well-being will help you rejuvenate and put a spring in your step.

Friday, July 26, is the Yin metal Rabbit day. Tiger, financial prospects show great promise now. There are several opportunities ripe for pursuit. Think like a hunter with money as your prey. Your mind is attuned to abundance, and numerous investment possibilities will become apparent. Today, your mind is open to the boundless potential for wealth creation and financial growth.

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