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This Week

This week, you are a bright beacon for a friend.

The week begins on Sunday, July 21, with the Yang fire Dog day. It is also the full moon. Snake, it’s likely you’re feeling energized and eager for physical activity. Today, you might be engaging in an activity like mountain biking or hiking or pursuing a hands-on project involving wood or stone. You are stimulating your mind and body by taking on a challenge today.

The Yin earth Ox day is Wednesday, July 24. You could feel a surge of anticipation surrounding an upcoming trip. You might be planning an adventure or assisting a loved one as they get ready to go to college or move away from home. Help the trip go well by setting your intentions and visualizing a positive outcome.

Friday, July 26, is the Yin metal Rabbit day. Snake, your altruistic spirit shines as you get involved with an organization today. You might be asked to assume a leadership role in the group. This could be connected to a spiritual organization, church, temple, or charitable fundraiser. You could receive much appreciation from your peers as you contribute your time and effort to a worthy cause.

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