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This Week

This week, letting go moves you forward.

Monday, February 19, is the Yin water Ox day. Monkey, you could be a little bored with your daily routine. It’s time to refine the energy by looking at procedures and seeing what you can streamline. Consider technology breakthroughs, because there might be something that fits your tasks perfectly. Perhaps you’ll get a robot vacuum or something much more helpful.

The Yin wood Rabbit day is Wednesday, February 21. Monkey, sometimes letting go can help you move forward. Today, you might look at investments and decide to rebalance your portfolio. Or you could sit down with an investment adviser who revamps your entire plan. This is also a good time to look through your expenses and see if there are duplicates or things that are no longer necessary.

The week comes to an end on Saturday, February 24, with the Yang earth Horse day. It is also the full moon. Monkey, gathering with friends could prove to be much more fun than you thought. It’s possible that one of your friends is talking about going to a karaoke bar, themed nightclub, or escape room. Today, try to do something new, or at least do something you haven’t done in a while.

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