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This Week

This week, you’re making confident decisions.

The week begins on Sunday, June 23, with the Yang earth Horse day. Sometimes life-altering events happen with the arrival of something new. Horse, there could be a new baby in the family. You might be adopting a pet, or you might meet someone who becomes a real friend. Keep your eyes and ears open for some exciting news today. There are signs that a positive transformative moment is about to happen for you.

The Yin metal Rooster day is Wednesday, June 26. Horse, you might be considering what makes a comfortable home. You could be working on landscaping the yard or decorating the front porch. In feng shui, all new energy comes to the front door, so getting a new welcome mat and sprucing up your entryway can bring in fresh opportunities for joy and prosperity.

Friday, June 28, is the Yin water Pig day. Horse, work is like a whirlwind right now with lots of demands coming from all directions. Your supervisor might be promising you opportunities in the future if you can keep up this frenetic pace. But you need some help. Look at getting some temporary help from coworkers, or you might need to ask for an assistant.

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