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This Week

This week, romance could be right in front of you.

Monday, February 19, is the Yin water Ox day. Horse, it’s good to be direct about what you want today. Don’t beat around the bush or try to be diplomatic. Whether you’re asked in a business or personal situation, explain what you’re looking for. You might be surprised when what you want shows up quite quickly.

The Yin wood Rabbit day is Wednesday, February 21. Horse, you might be feeling a little tired of social media or some other activity that puts you in the limelight. You could be considering stepping off the stage for a while. Taking a break now could give you more inspiration, or you might discover a better way of doing things.

The week comes to an end on Saturday, February 24, with the Yang earth Horse day. It is also the full moon. Horse, someone could be pursuing you for a love relationship. And you might be feeling uncertain because they’re coming on a little too strong or one of you isn’t completely out of an old relationship. But it doesn’t hurt to think about the possibilities and weigh your options.

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