Rooster Chinese Horoscope


June 2024

The month of June brings Rooster natives the I Ching hexagram of heaven over fire (14). 

Rooster, conditions are ripe for the taking, and you have the ability to fulfill an important desire. This month, you can gain material possessions and assets. You are reaping the rewards of hard work and good decisions. Others recognize your value and rally behind you as you’re ready to reach a cherished goal.

On Thursday, June 6, there is a new moon. Rooster, you might have a lot more energy right now. Some things you’ve been doing for your health, such as changes in your diet or sleep schedule, are really starting to pay off. You might join a gym during this time and meet some great people. You also might connect with expert health practitioners.

The full moon is on Friday, June 21. Rooster, you’re very noticeable now. It’s likely you’re meeting new friends and making good business connections. You might attend a special social occasion or an event where you’re on stage. Auditioning for a play, improv group, or band would be a good idea now. Or think about participating in a poetry slam. If you’re looking for love, you can find someone by saying yes to invitations.

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