Scorpio Love Horoscope


Jun 24, 2024 - Jun 30, 2024 - Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is paired with nurturing Cancer this whole week, so you’ve got a bad case of the clings. While this transit amplifies your desire for emotional security and intimacy, asking for that or expecting it too soon can be a deal breaker. Only the right person, perhaps another Scorpio or a Pisces, will appreciate your current emotional depth.

You love to talk about serious things during the midweek Mercury-Saturn trine, but again, watch out for going too far too soon. There’s a right time to talk about things like kids, commitment, religion, and meeting each other’s friends or parents, but this probably isn’t it. Yet. Be patient, Scorpio.

There are challenges to the Saturn retrograde period that starts over the weekend, and the influence of like-minded Pisces on this determined planet adds an extra layer of complexity for you. When past emotional baggage or insecurities resurface, you tend to retreat, which can give off the wrong message to someone you really like. Over the next few months, prioritize emotional stability and trust over all else.

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