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Feb 19, 2024 - Feb 25, 2024 - Synchronic (Netflix; Peacock): Full moons are known for swirling up wild vibes, and with this weekend’s brightest lunation rising in your sign, it’s the perfect time for an intense and trippy movie like Synchronic. Part drama and part sci-fi, this film follows two best friends who work as paramedics in New Orleans as they show up to the scene of a series of very strange and brutal accidents. They suspect that a mysterious new psychedelic drug is behind the bizarre events, but one of their daughter’s goes missing, they realize this rabbit hole gets a lot deeper (and more existential) than they could have imagined.

Bonus Pick: On top of the full moon in your sign whipping up big emotions, your ruling planet Mercury also starts lighting up your relationship zone this week. That’s why you may enjoy a sweet and romantic series like One Day. In this newly released show, youngsters Emma and Dexter share a meaningful bond, but get pulled in separate directions after graduating from school. But when something’s meant to be, fate has a way of bringing people back together. You can find this coming-of-age series streaming on Netflix.

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