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Feb 19, 2024 - Feb 25, 2024 - Life and Beth (Hulu): In this hilarious but heartfelt series, comedian Amy Schumer stars as Beth, a woman living in Manhattan working a well-paying job and carrying on a successful long-term relationship. To the outside world, it looks like she has everything she could want — but a sudden event forces her to face her past head-on, she begins to learn more about who she truly is and what she needs in order to find true satisfaction. Filled with flashback scenes from Beth’s youth, this series runs the gamut of emotions, and you’ll appreciate it.

Bonus Pick: The full moon is rising in your playful and romantic fifth house this weekend, so you’ll go wild over the new Netflix rom com Players, which just started streaming last week. It’s about two single-and-mingling New Yorkers who have developed all sorts of love games and dating tactics to woo people and secure successful hookups. Their one rule? Never get into a relationship with someone who’s been lured in by your game. But when one of them winds up developing feelings for their latest fling, there’s suddenly a desire to bend the rules.

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