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Feb 19, 2024 - Feb 25, 2024 - Raël: The Alien Prophet (Netflix): The week kicks off with the moon in your worldly and philosophical ninth house, so it’s the ideal time to dive into the bizarre French-made docuseries Raël: The Alien Prophet. Through interviews with the enigmatic French cult leader Raël — as well as with his devoted followers and skeptical critics—the series investigates the origins of Raël’s UFO-based religion-turned-cult and all the controversy surrounding the group. You love a good mystery, so settle in for a long night of power-watching, because you won’t be able to stop ‘til you’ve finished the whole thing.

Bonus Pick: There’s a full moon week, which can be intense, so lighten the mood with a comedy special like Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All. This is fellow Scorpio Taylor Tomlinson’s third original special on Netflix, and she’s back with all sorts of fresh jokes and witty commentary on modern life. With her unique sense of humor and strong personality, she explores the trials and tribulations of dating, dealing with mental struggles, and landing your dream job. Stream this one when you need a good laugh.

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