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Feb 19, 2024 - Feb 25, 2024 - A Killer Paradox (Netflix): The full moon is rising in your worldly ninth house this weekend, so it’s a fabulous time to dive into a fun foreign language series like A Killer Paradox. This clever Korean show is part comedy, part mystery, and part action, so it’ll capture your interest no matter what genre you usually go for. In it, an ordinary college student finds himself trapped in a messy entanglement with a sheisty detective after an accidental killing sets off a domino effect of outrageous events (and more killings to boot). You’ll love the show’s comedic timing as well as the suspenseful drama that it’s packed with.

Bonus Pick: Why not continue with the foreign language theme and check out the German rom com The Heartbreak Agency? It’s about a no-nonsense journalist who decides to start going to “heartbreak therapy” as research for an article he’s writing. But when it turns out that his therapist is more disarming and charming than he anticipated, he finds himself opening up his heart and tapping into feelings he didn’t expect to feel. With the moon in your relationship sector at the start of the week, a love story might be just what you’re craving. Find this one streaming on Netflix.

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