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Feb 26, 2024 - Mar 3, 2024 - Rory Scovel: Religion, Sex, and a Few Things In Between (Max): It’s been a chaotic couple weeks in the cosmos, so chill out and have a good laugh with Rory Scovel’s new stand-up comedy special. Filmed at the Goodale Theater in Minneapolis, this American comedian dives into all sorts of taboo topics with good-natured humor and awkward charm, including religions, drugs, sex, and the struggles of parenting. It’s funny and it’s universally relatable, so streaming this one is the perfect way to wind down after a long day.

Bonus Pick: Whether or not you’ve seen the iconic Star Wars movies, you’ll enjoy Star Wars: The Bad Batch—a fun series that’s part of the official franchise. It serves as the sequel to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and follows the adventures of a clone squad who must make their way through a shifting galaxy after the epic Clone War has made its mark on their corner of the universe. The week kicks off with the moon in your domestic sector, so it’s the perfect time to chill at home with a good series. You can find this one streaming on Disney+.

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